Eagle Point, OR


My photography is nature which inspires me. I love the story it tells, each moment tells a different story and capturing a particular moment is a treasure, as it seems nature changes constantly from morning to night and day to day.

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Red and Blue Floral by P S


Blue Paris by P S


Flight of Birds by P S


Cloudy Blue Abstract by P S


Aqua Starfish by P S


Black Eyed Susan with Rumi Quote by P S


Aqua and White Polka Dots by P S


Black and White Feathers by P S


Ocean Colors Watercolor by P S


Aqua Sky by P S


Luscious Lilac Watercolor by P S


Queen Anne's Lace by P S


Ampersand with Birds by P S


Live Happily Ever After by P S


Always Be Classy by P S


Trees in an Aqua Sky by P S


Color Me Happy by P S


Be the Change Tree by P S


I Love You to the Moon and Back by P S


Rustic Train Tracks by P S


Summer Sunflower by P S


Peach Sunflower by P S


Yellow Sunflower by P S


Keep Calm and Be Zen by P S


Chic Blue Flowers by P S


Think Happy Thoughts by P S


Sunset Seagulls by P S


Dragonfly Dreams by P S


Home Tweet Home Birds by P S


Gold Bricks by P S


Raven I Think by P S


Teal Butterflies by P S


Lilac Chevron by P S


Giraffe with Hearts by P S


Noah's Ark by P S


White Wood by P S


Tortoise and Hare by P S


Love Peacock Feather by P S


Mustaches and Lips by P S


Large Mint Chevron by P S


Vintage Palm Tree by P S


Happiness Daisies by P S


Keep Calm Mustache by P S


Feathers by P S


Grow Joy Tree by P S


Attitude Makes A Difference by P S


Starry Cupid with Love by P S


Aqua Swirl by PS