Eagle Point, OR


My photography is nature which inspires me. I love the story it tells, each moment tells a different story and capturing a particular moment is a treasure, as it seems nature changes constantly from morning to night and day to day.

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Love is A Garden We Grow by P S


Namaste Butterflies by P S


Pink Dream Birds by P S


Dream Birds on a Line by P S


Leaves Inspirational Words Collage by P S


Cow Jumped Over the Moon by P S


White Cat by P S


Le Chat Noir by P S


Peacock Angel Lady by P S


Alice in Wonderland with Cards by P S


Two Giraffes by P S


Wizard of Oz by P S


Lady with Checked Dress and Hat by P S


Vintage Drawing of Road with Trees by P S


Starry Night by P S


Blossoming Almond by P S


Man Reading Bible by P S


Pink Dogwood Flowers by P S


Pink Dogwood Flowers by P S


Dandelion by P S


Simple Pink Dogwood Flowers by P S


Dandelions by P S


Fresh Spring pink dogwood flowers by P S


Dogwood Flowers by P S


Delicate Cherry Blossom by P S


Cherry Blossom Tree by P S


Pink Spring Tulip Tree Flowers by P S


Blue Bird in a Tree by P S


American Flag by P S


Spring Pastels cherry blossom by P S


Cherry Blossoms on vintage faux wood by P S


Cherry Blossoms by P S


Sea Shell by P S


Birch Tree with Heart by P S


Orange Iceland Poppy by P S


Chic Zebra Print Neutral Mint by P S


Mint Teal Sun Burst by P S


Hope Faith Love Roses by P S


Always Kiss Me by P S


Hope Faith Love Floral by P S


Kindness Matters cherry blossom by P S


Hope Faith Love Tulip by P S


Live Laugh Love Butterflies by P S


Butterfly Catching A Dream by P S


Positive Words by P S


Kiss Me Good Night by P S


Abstract Blue and Brown Grunge by P S


Painted Flowers by P S